Onze mediums onderscheiden zich door middel van
Oprechtheid en zuivere paranormale kwaliteiten.

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Onder onze betrouwbare mediums bevinden zich personen met paragnostische gaven.


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09 - Merlijn

Ben een Zeer Ervaren

*Paragnost*, Heldervoelend, Horend en Ziend medium. Ik leg de Engelen kaarten voor u en kan pendelen........

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18 - Evelyn

Ik ben een Tance Medium, hooggevoelig, helderziend, wetend, relatie voorspellingen, contact overledenen. psychometrie.

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Collega's gezocht

Wij zijn altijd op zoek naar getallenteerde collega's. Beschik jij over Paranormale en/of Spirituele gaves.

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What does a medium

A medium is a person endowed with the capacity to serve as a biological and psychic link between physical and spiritual realms. This kind of person is frequently descendant of men or women with similar capacities as your splendid escorts will explain you. They have an exceptional capacity to interpret energy that is basically felt by them as electrical impulses. Allow your exquisite companions to introduce you in a mystic world that goes beyond everything you have seen so far.

People with remarkable psychic capacities

Mediumship is a faculty of the human spirit that enables communication between a person that is alive and the soul of the dead. It manifests itself in many ways. Your intelligent escort from Escortdirectory Amsterdam will inform you that the intuitive kind is an innate ability in all living beings. The strength of this kind of sensibility depends on the development reached by individuals on their current incarnation.

The medium must pursuit an appropriate way to develop his potential and perfect it in order to achieve spiritual progress.

Mediumship, like all spiritual faculties, is cultivated during each incarnation. From early stages of evolution, certain individuals begin to develop it without any psychic preparation or the understanding of the risks to which they are exposed. For that reason, clever escorts will tell you that these persons should be aware at all times that enemies exist both on the physical and the astral planes.

Those who develop the psychic faculty outside the discipline recommended by Spiritual Guides are exposed to all kinds of dangers. They can completely lose their sanity and become the puppets of mocking spirits.

As your smart Amsterdam escort will explain you, there can be found many spirits wandering with the purpose of disturb or damage those who are unprepared. Therefore, a practitioner of clairvoyance must have a great moral integrity and a good mental-physical preparation to avoid these mischievous entities. They should always resort to the assistance of their Spiritual Guides by connecting with them through elevated thoughts and emotions.

Active workers in the mediumistic service

In general, psychic abilities are essentially the same for all who possess them. However, as proficient ladies from the Escort Directory will inform you, there are subtle differences that open the spectrum of what we might call the diverse ways of interpreting the energy they perceive.

For instance, there are mediums with galvanic capacities. They are able to perceive not only the vibration of recent deceased, but also the energy related to profoundly emotive events. Both phenomena impregnate a physical space with a certain electromagnetic charge that is felt by these individuals.

In contrast, there is the medium of incorporation that can project into the astral plane. A gifted Amsterdam escort will explain you that, if this capacity is practiced with discipline, it can be very useful. This skill consists on the estrangement of the astral body from the physical vehicle of the individual, although both of them remain connected through fluidic cords.

Many people experience this phenomenon when they sleep, a faculty that allows them to visit distant places in matter of seconds.

Acquainted escorts will also inform you about the phenomena of embodiments, levitations, and the transport of objects without manual contact. They greatly impress people that do not understand spiritual capacities.

Consult a medium

When you need help and nothing seems to be effective, you must turn to the spiritual side of world and request the assistance of mediums. Whether you have a health problem that doctors cannot cure, you recently lost someone dear or you need help because you have to make an important decision, you should request the help offered by spiritual mediums.

Do you need spiritual assistance?

It is very hard to lose someone, whether you managed or not to say goodbye or tell them that you are sorry for the harms that you have done to them. There are many things that you would like to change now, but your greatest regret is that death separated you before you would tell them what you really feel and that you loved them so much. Request the assistance of a spiritual medium and they will help you come at peace with your mind and soul!

Spiritual mediums are very compassionate people characterized by morality, integrity and perseverance and who also possess special powers. They can help you re-bond temporary your connection with the lost one, but you will have to meet certain requirements in order to have a successful encounter. Maybe the spirit you are trying to contact is next to you, but they cannot transmit you anything. Or maybe your aura is agitated and your grief and sorrow act like a barrier between you and the spirit you want to contact.

The high empathy of the mediums will allow them to feel deeply your emotional pain, which will help them connect with the deceased person. But spiritual mediums can help you in many other fields and problems, so if you want to take a glimpse into your future, solve an issue with someone met or get some help from the other-side, mediums will provide you the assistance you need.

Some of the mediums you will contact can use Ouija boards, Tarot cards and even astrological charts that can help them connect better with the spiritual world. Some things – such as your strong personality, sorrow and other powerful feelings – can act like a sort of barrier for the medium’s powers, but using these instruments of psychics will enhance their spiritual powers.

When you need some responses that require clairvoyance sessions, psychics are more useful than mediums. However, here you can find the right person able to solve your problem or offer you a few solutions. These talented people are blessed with special powers that allow them to open their eyes towards a spiritual world, some of them will act like a channel between this world and the other-side, while some can help you overcome a condition and improve your health.

Traditional medicine, pills and other so-called solutions can be inefficient when you struggle with certain problems. Request the support of mediums and they will figure out the best solution for your particular concern. With the assistance of spirits and Divine forces, mediums can help you in only a session of about an hour. Contact a spiritual medium and find if there are any answers for you!